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Hi, I’m Kevin!

I’m an IT professional and casual ultramarathoner. My current claims to fame in these pursuits are actively holding every Google Cloud certification (plus a few others), and finishing 13 ultramarathons, ranging from 50k to my personal holy grail of 100 miles (of which I’ve attempted 6, finished 4, and have been handed important life lessons in the process of not finishing 2).

My home base is Eastern Pennsylvania, where I live with my wife and two daughters. I like to run almost every day, take pictures of what I see in front of me, and occasionally write.

What you’ll find on this site is a cross section of my personal and professional lives. More details below!


A reverse chronological stream of fleeting moments. Shot on an iPhone with #nofilter, and curated by a human. This concept came to life when my wife and I took a sabbatical to travel the world, and continued with our kids. The context here is a more broad representation of my life – anything is fair game.


I occasionally go deep on something that’s top of mind. Opinions are unapologetically my own.


I’m anti-social media. I only create in this space, and if something shows up here… it took thought, and care, and action to ship it.